About us

Specialists for the AI in retail


With years of collective experience in Retail Loss Prevention and Marketing software solutions. We are resellers of Command Rooms Retail Software packages.

These are custom software packages and are designed to meet our clients specific needs.


Our Products: 

EPOS monitoring: This module allows sophisticated analysis of the stores EPOS system.  From a corporate overviews to an individual terminal, it allows analysis by store exceptions. Drilling down through the associated video recoding's to analyse why certain trends and events are occurring.

Heat Mapping:
Heat maps are generated by the level of footfall in specific areas of a store. Allowing management to place merchandise and displays in areas and see how they are received by the clients. The Heatmap represents footfall density by colour giving a pectoral representation of foot traffic.

The demographic software gives feedback on gender, age and race. This is presented in real time and  in a number of ways.

People counting: Based on surveillance cameras linked to AI. We can count people in virtually any environment

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