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EPOS Monitoring

With years of collective experience in Retail Loss Prevention and Marketing software solutions. We are resellers of Command Rooms Retail Software packages.

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EPOS Monitoring

ePOS monitoring is nothing new. The first attempts at such a system were back in the late 1970’s. These early systems required connection to each terminal usually by a n interface connected to the printer port that provided serial data, this was then linked to the CCTV to overlay the transaction data on to the associated video feed.. These early systems had some impact on reducing losses, but this deterrent slowly reduced as cashiers became more aware and looked for other ways to extract cash.

Command rooms has taken the whole ePOS monitoring to a new level with POSAIM utilizing the rapid development of AI to create an application that will identify suspicious trends and transactions by evaluating all associated data across the store. For example, it can determine the average refund on a credit card and highlight terminals where this is outside the norm. It can learn the trends and highlight the anomalies with minimal human interaction.