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With years of collective experience in Retail Loss Prevention and Marketing software solutions. We are resellers of Command Rooms Retail Software packages.

These are custom software packages and are designed to meet our clients specific needs.




We analyse customer demographics and sentiment to identify the most relevant marketing channels, messages, and content formats. Retailers can create hyper-targeted campaigns that resonate with specific age groups, genders, and sentiments, leading to improved customer acquisition and higher conversion rates. This targeted approach saves resources by avoiding ad spend on irrelevant audiences, maximising return on investment (ROI).

Demographics tracking provides invaluable insights for product development and assortment planning. By analysing demographic data, retailers can identify trends, preferences, and demands of different age groups and genders. This knowledge helps retailers make informed decisions about product design, features, pricing, and packaging. Additionally, sentiment analysis allows retailers to gauge customer satisfaction with existing products and identify areas for improvement. By aligning their product offerings with customer demographics and sentiments, retailers can optimize sales and stay ahead of market trends.

By analysing age and gender demographics, retailers can optimize store layouts, product placements, and signage to appeal to specific customer segments. For example, retailers can create dedicated sections or displays tailored to different age groups or genders. By aligning their physical store environment with customer demographics, retailers can create a more engaging and enjoyable shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction and driving sales.